Fans of the original Payday have much to welcome with the sequel to 2011’s best bank heist simulator to date. With more maps than the original and a massive amount gear available for the player to customize, Payday 2 expands on the original in every way.

Payday 2 is a game of skill and requires a high degree of tact and patience if you want to do things properly. The game features a real risk reward system that means when you mess up, you pay for it. Sometimes this is meant in a literal sense, with killing civilians resulting in a dock in your overall paycheck, presuming you even make it out alive. Payday 2 is very much a multiplayer only game, as the AI sucks, so it is hard to recommend buying the title if you are buying it only for its single player mode.

It can start off so peaceful.
It can start off so peaceful.

Multiplayer is absolutely amazing though, and provided you sink the time in, it can be a very rewarding experience. When that first diamond store heist is done without setting off a single alarm, or anyone calling anyone for support, the feeling of gratification is completely unmatched. In your team of four as either Wolf, Dallas, Chains or Hoxton you will compete set objectives which will ultimately result in your final cash payout. The beauty of Payday 2 is that a match is rarely the same as the last, with a system in place not completely dissimilar from that of Left 4 Dead. A huge range of things can change between matches, which will largely alter the gameplay. This could be something as simple as a small safe, or as large as an entire vault. Other game changing features are in place too, so you never know what to fully expect, adding to the overall replayabilty of the title.

Replaying the game is something Overkill (the developer) massively encourages, with new guns, gadgets and masks all available to gain at the cost of a little time. It can become somewhat addictive, but its all worth it in when you get that sweet mask. If you are a player of Valve’s own Team Fortress 2 then you will completely understand why getting a mask is so exciting. Being able to customize your character is a fantastic bonus, and without a doubt makes you want to play just one more time in the hopes of getting a new mask style. Aside from just gaining masks, you also have the ability to fully customize them with a choice of colours and materials, meaning players can really set themselves apart from others.

But end in absolute chaos!
But end in absolute chaos!

Payday 2 is not the prettiest game, but it’s certainly not the ugliest game either, because sometimes it can look really nice! Others, not so much. It does however have a unique charm in terms of its gameplay. It’s also great being able to upgrade your online persona how you see fit, personally I opted to be a support/ghost type member, and so I focused on stealth and well, support. If you are craving something a little different from the everyday shooter, Payday 2 is a nice change in pace and style and a welcome one at that.

Payday 2 is the perfect game for friends to get together and play in short bursts, or in large sessions. Either way, if you are wanting a game to co-op, Payday 2 is a brilliant option for fans of stealth, shooters, and virtual crime loving enthusiasts alike.


Payday 2 will be available for $5.99 until 1pm EST on the 29th


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