Steam Summer Game Sales Worth Buying – Surgeon Simulator 2013

Do you like hitting things with blunt objects? Slicing things with sharp knives? Maybe even stabbing a needle in someone to change their blood pressure? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Surgeon Simulator 2013 is for you!

The first challenge of Surgeon Simulator is to work out the games precise controls. You are first situated at a desk with many objects for you to toy about with as you figure out how to use your arm. You see, Surgeon Simulator is not your average surgeon sim experience, and as such, requires a high amount of hand-eye coordination. Instead of simply holding a single button to grasp an item you are tasked with controlling each of your fingers one by one. At first this feels incredibly weird, but it soon feels natural, but that is not to say it’s easy.

There are a lot of those floppy drives, just try and put them all in the computer, I dare you.

Once you manage the controls and have finished smashing stuff about on the desk, you are given the chance to really show off your surgeon skills across several operations. When you advance in level you will unlock more locations to perform surgeries in, such as the one shown below in a moving ambulance.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is very much a game of patience and skill, it would not be unusual to find yourself killing poor old Bob (the victim in question) time and time again. This equates to much frustration, and oh so much trial and error. It turns out that a hammer to the rib cage actually does more harm than good, so you best bring out the trusty bone saw to get to that heart. Of course, the surgeries are timed exercises, because Bob is losing lots of blood during the process, so acting fast is of grave importance.

Yes, that is a fire extinguisher laying on those ribs.

It can be quite thrilling desperately slashing and hacking your way to Bob’s innards, and for me, this is where Surgeon Simulator 2013 shines like a blood stained hatchet glistening in the sunlight. The gameplay really does feel urgent and tense during the operations, despite how silly it all is, and I think this is a pretty vital part the developers needed to nail. The word simulator is thrown around so much nowadays, so it is nice to see a game that separates itself from the mundane and steps up to try something new.

If you want to try Surgeon Simulator, check out this link for a quick demo of the of the release. The full release does feature more content, new locations (including one in Space), and there are various operations. One of which has you doing a brain transplant; I did mine with a hatchet, Bob died.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 will be available for $2.49 until 1pm EST on the 25th.


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