The Steelers have recently become the team in the NFL known for their off the filed accomplishments rather than their record setting six Super Bowl titles.  In recent months their star QB and WR have been making news that the Rooney family doesn’t deal with.  In a surprising move the Steelers have let one of those problems go for a fifth round draft pick.

That’s right, former Ohio State Buckeye, Santonio Holmes, was traded to the Jets last night in a move that shocked everyone.  Holmes has been on the Steelers’ shit list for quite some time.  He keeps getting busted for weed, and has since been accused of assaulting a woman in a bar.  I must admit as a Buckeye and life long Steeler fan it’s sad to see him go like this, but I understand why the Rooney’s did it.  They’re known for their no nonsense take on managing their franchise, and rarely put up with players not complying with their standards.  So long Santonio, have fun on the bench for the first [slider title=”4 games”]He’s been suspended for failing a drug test again.  Up with hope, down with dope![/slider] of next season you dick!

Then there’s the case of Ben “I like to allegedly rape girls” Roethlisberger.  Once again he has avoided a disaster brought on by his weiner.  Today the DA in his Georgia sexual assault case revealed that no criminal charges would be filed against him.  The magic of being famous shines again!  Do you think some nobody would have beaten the two cases that Ben has?  I highly doubt it.  Celebs are Gods in America, don’t forget it.

Now I’m left with a team to root for who ditches Super Bowl MVP’s, and has a QB that potentially could face penalties from the NFL, or the Steelers front office.  What the hell is going on here?  Am I really going to have to watch another season where the Bengals make the playoffs, Cleveland beats Pittsburgh, and Big Ben looks like your typical NFL QB?  Please God Nooooooo!  I will have a stroke if I have to watch another season like 2009.

You’ve been enlightened…



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