SteelSeries QcK Prism Mousepad Makes its Debut

If you are the type of person that is into having fancy peripherals for your PC, then you better keep reading. SteelSeries has announced their new, gorgeous mouse pad. This is the QcK Prism, the world’s first dual-surfaced RGB illuminated mouse pad.

This pad goes far beyond the visual look, though, and was made completely with gaming in mind. The QcK Prism has 360 degrees of illumination in twelve separate zones, along with interference-free USB cable placement. The QcK Prism’s lighting effects work with SteelSeries GameSense, which means that it will react with games when you run out of ammo, have low health, have cooldowns, etc. SteelSeries also says that this will work with all of your other QcK Prism gear from them, as well.

On top of everything else, this won’t even break the bank. You can purchase a QcK Prism Mouse Pad from SteelSeries for only $59.99 right here! I’ve personally never used a gaming mouse pad before, but this might be the time to jump in!


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