Steps to Follow to Watch ‘Adventure Time’ Videos on Your Computer

You can watch Adventure Time videos on your computer in the same way you get any online content. Go to the Videos section of the Adventure Time part of the Cartoon Network site. Click the video you want to watch and make sure your speakers are on. You’ll have to sit through an advert or two – or a “message from our sponsor” as the Americans like to call it – but then you will be through to the nice animations and artwork of the zany programme, which is rapidly becoming a cult classic, and weirder than anything you’ve ever seen before!

In “Lumpy Jake”, for example, Jake the dog (all-time wise guy and best friend to his master Finn) is accidentally bitten by the Lumpy Space Princess, and comes over all upholstered. So the Princess Bubblegum, who is half human and half bubblegum (but all heart) has to intervene.

You get the picture. Crazier than a bag of rats and a lot more appealing, when you watch Adventure Time it’s kind of like being asleep and awake at the same time. Any show in which the undead (normally in the form of the slightly creepy Candy Zombies) are defeated by a talking piñata and a multi-coloured boom box playing experimental electro house is a show you need to be watching!

Candy zombies, devilish ice creams, and a town full of talking cakes are just the start of the Adventure Time universe. A hard core of supremely wacky characters make the basis for each episode – the Princess (mentioned above); Jake the dog (also mentioned above), a wise old geezer who likes nothing better than playing the viola and hanging out with his girlfriend: a half unicorn, half rainbow creature who can turn things multi-coloured; and of course the gnarly old Ice King, whose epic nose and fearsome temper make him a worthy adversary for Finn the kid and his friends.

Online, you can watch Adventure Time in clip form if you have a multimedia cable or digital package, allowing your subscription to stream through nominated portable and hand held devices.  You can also watch full episodes of the show as they are broadcast.

With the inspired loopiness of early 80s computer games; the aesthetic of late 90s cartoons; and a modern twist almost wholly undefinable, Adventure Time defies categorisation. It’s fun, it’s slightly unsettling for adults (like most good cartoons and kids’ shows, it has to be said). Its overall anarchic humour is reminiscent of Ren and Stimpy, though it doesn’t go for the gross-out humour in the same way as that show did. Rather, it takes the idea of a “normal” kids’ cartoon (a magical world, adventures, the same bad guys every episode), and turns them into something wilder, noisier and weirder than ever.

When you watch Adventure Time, be prepared first of all not to understand what’s going on and then not to care. After all, it’s surely enough that you’re watching a programme with a Korean-speaking rainbow-unicorn mongrel mix in it. The rest is just window dressing…


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