Steve Jobs Has More Cash than the Entire U.S. Government!

I don’t know what’s more impressive.  The fact that a tech company has more liquid cash than a super power nation, or that the U.S. has gone from stud to dud with its mounting debt.  Apple’s latest figures put the company’s cash reserves and marketable securities at a staggering $76.2 billion dollars, while the cash hemorrhaging U.S. only has $73.8 billion in operating dollars.  Kudos to Jobs and team, and shame on our government!  Instead of fighting wars that ultimately can’t be won, or government officials paying themselves sweet deals, maybe our government should focus on making the next revolutionary piece of technology.  Apple has surely done well in making awesome tech, so maybe the U.S. should take a page out of their book.

It doesn’t even seem possible that a corporation could have more cash than an entire government, especially when you consider that it’s the U.S. and not some 3rd world country full of cardboard shacks and evil dictators.  Apple has literally begun to pull away from its competitors in the tech industry, and now that they have more money than the U.S. government maybe Steve can finally implement his plan for world domination.

Dude Got More Money Than the Leader of the Free World

To think that Apple’s current success started with a portable music player called an iPod is just amazing.  Through their mastery of mobile technology Apple has managed to even leave Microsoft in the dust when it comes to new technologies, and with another iPhone/iPad on the horizon their cash flow could get even larger.  Apple has managed to completely turn themselves around since launching the ever increasing iDevice product line, and now their stock is valued upwards of $400 duckets a share!  Just amazing!  I’m sure it helps that long time PC fans like myself are starting to see the light when it comes to Apple tech, but let’s not forget that this company just flat out makes solid gear for geeks.

It’s just too bad that Apple’s home nation can’t seem to get its money issues in order, because one day when China decides to collect on their loans Apple may find itself in a new type of economy called Communism.  You’ve been starting to realize just how f*cked America’s debt situation is…


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