Steve Jobs Planning to Use a Baby Puree to Fuel His New Exoskeloton

Geesh, and you thought Apple’s plans to take a cut of its 3rd party Dev’s revenue from apps was harsh!  Buying up babies and blending them into goo is not something to be taken lightly.  This is the exact plan that the cartoon version of Steve Jobs has proposed in Tiny Watch Productions newest skit that features the ruthless Apple CEO.  Those guys definitely aren’t Apple fanboys, but their exaggerated portrayals of what goes on behind closed doors in Cupertino are somewhat true.  Grant it, Steve Jobs isn’t going to take over the world with a robotic exo-skeleton fueled by baby guts, but the policies at Apple are becoming very intrusive and money hungry, especially with the recent announcement of altering the way devs make money on apps they develop for iTunes.

Whatever happened to the Apple that represented all that is good in Corporate America?  Why are they getting so greedy all of a sudden?  At this point in time you don’t even hear people b*tching about Microsoft anymore because Apple has strangely focused that spotlight on themselves.  Their products are great and will always make millions, so why go after more money by placing an even greater strain on their relationship with 3rd party developers?  I don’t get it.  Honestly, it looks really bad, almost like Apple is worried about losing their grip on the World’s choice of mobile devices.  Apple more or less brings videos like the one below on themselves.  So much for being the hippy company!  You’ve been loving these Steve Jobs cartoons even though he’s about to die soon…


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