Steve Jobs Tells Us Why There’s Still No White iPhone 4

Well, not the real Steve Jobs, rather it’s an animated version of Lord Apple.  Jobs’ evil cartoon look alike explains to the press, or as he calls them the a-holes, why Apple hasn’t been able to get the white iPhone 4 to market.  Even though this is a fictional cartoon I really think some of the ways that Jobs is portrayed is true.  He totally thinks the media blows, and deep down I think he believes most of us are grass eating cows lacking any real intelligence.  Ever since the 4 came out he and Apple have taken on a bully type of role.  Antennagate anyone?  How did you feel about the way he handled that mess?  He pretty much said that we are all dumb and don’t know how to hold a phone properly!

Don’t get me wrong, I think the man is great.  He will go down as one of the biggest technological innovators in human history, but maybe all of that is going to his head.  Apple is no longer that trendy hippie company.  With each chunk of market share they take from Microsoft in the tech space, it seems Apple becomes closer to “The Man” that they supposedly loathe.  It’s OK to admit that some mistakes may have been made in the design of the iPhone 4.  Every company hits a road bump once in awhile and their true character will be shown once that happens.  In the case of Apple they pretty much confirmed that they’re elitists, and anyone that questions them is a dummy.

If you want to know the real reason why there’s still no White iPhone 4 watch the cartoon below.  Yes, it’s a piece of comedy, I get it you fanboys, but I really don’t think it’s very far from what Steve Jobs is probably thinking each time he has to take the stage and talk to the rest of us idiots.  Hopefully it’ll make you chuckle!  You’ve been wondering why Steve really took a leave of absence…


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