Steve Wins Again Adobe Ditches Flash for HTML 5 Edge

I don’t think Google will be able to pump up its Android OS’s ability to use Flash much longer now that Adobe has finally conceded to Apple’s way of delivering web based content.  Adobe has recently announced its new HTML 5 based Edge software that will eventually push Flash out the door.  Flash isn’t gone for good (yet), but Adobe has finally given up its battle with Steve Jobs and his thoughts on Flash for mobile devices.  This is a great thing for iDevice lovers, but it may chafe some Android users n*tsacks to know that one day they won’t be able to rub their Flash enabled smartphones in everyone else’s faces.

Unfortunately, Edge will mean nothing for iDevice users until the web developers out there also give up on Flash and get with the 21st century HTML 5 framework.  Considering that Apple has more cash than an entire super power country I think their influence will eventually wear on even the most stubborn of Flash content developers.  For those of you that do develop for both mobile and traditional web based content, I’d make sure to get on the Adobe Edge bandwagon before your skills become as stagnant as a gas stations p*ss and sh*t filled restroom.  You can head on over to this link to get started on your Edge enlightenment today!  You’ve been hoping that more sites switch to HTML 5 now that you own an iPhone…


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