Stop Motion Civil War: Iron Man vs. Captain America

The stop motion toy experts over at counter656 have released yet another epic action oriented toys-to-life video, and it features a showdown between Marvel’s two frontmen. Think of it as the action figure version of the fight between Captain America and Iron Man from Civil War, albeit without Bucky to cheapen the odds.

Once again the stop motion filming is near flawless, because the movements of the action figures look and feel very fluid. It really brings the S.H. Figuarts toys to life, which already look amazing to start with, but when you let the counter656 team do their magic, they become even more radical than ever. The short fight took 10 days to film and required 1000 stills to bring it to life. I wish they’d record the exact amount of hours required for a bit like this, because I bet it’s way more than most of us are thinking. Every single move has to be executed and shot, so it’s a painstaking process.

Check out the battle above!


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