Storage Wars: It Might Be Fake But It’s Still Fun to Watch


Although you would expect reality shows to have some truth to them, a lot of them are actually fake these days. A lot of the things that happen in these shows are actually scripted. Take Storage Wars, for example. Many people were so disappointed when they found out Storage Wars was rigged because it is considered one of the better shows on television right now. David Hester, the former star of the show, filed a lawsuit against A&E because he thinks he was fired from Storage Wars when he complained about the fake aspects of the reality show to producers.

Show’s Star Claims Items Were Planted

Hester claimed that some of the most interesting items found in the storage units were actually put there before the bidding began. He even admitted that producers placed several newspapers from the day Elvis died in a storage unit. If you did not think that was bad enough, listen to this. Hester also said that some of the cast members were given money to get plastic surgery so that they could look sexier for the show!

Will Viewers Stop Watching After Allegations?

It would definitely be a little disappointing if Hester’s allegations ended up being true. However, that does not necessarily mean people will stop watching it. Just think about all of the reality shows that people know are fake. Reality shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and Keeping Up With the Kardashians are not very real, but people keep watching them. It’s all about ratings.

People love watching shows that are wild and outrageous, even if they are not completely real. They enjoy seeing the people in these reality shows do crazy things. If viewers watch the cast mates of Storage Wars looks through boring junk that is not valuable, they probably aren’t going to watch the show for long. They would much rather see unique and outrageous items in the storage units, even if they were planted there before by the producers.

Fake Or Not, It’s Entertaining

Adding some fake elements to Storage Wars probably makes it a little more exciting. Even though people know that some of the items are planted in the storage units, like Fort Lee NJ storage units, they still will be excited to see what these items are. If you have been a fan of Storage Wars, you definitely shouldn’t let these claims keep you from watching it. Even if it’s not the most realistic reality show, it still provides some of best entertainment of anything on TV today.


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