Stormtrooper Propaganda Proves the Empire Is a Dangerous Workplace

Joining the the Emperor’s Galactic Empire sounds like fun right? You get to fight alongside the venerable Darth Vader while hunting down the Rebel forces led by his son and daughter, all the while sporting a sweet uniform complete with blaster rifles. Too bad life as a Stormtrooper isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, because clones are expendable right?

DeviantART user Stanivuk created a gruesome piece of Star Wars propaganda art that depicts a Stormtrooper who took a blaster rifle to the face. This poster gives the full side of the story when it comes to pledging your life to Palpatine’s Empire. Clearly the job isn’t safe and could give the cast of Deadliest Catch a run for their money when it comes to the galaxy’s most dangerous jobs. Head on down below to check out the poster, and ask yourself if it encourages you to enlist in the Empire? Is the shiny white armor really worth the trouble?


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