Stranger Things Gets Super Retro With First Season 3 Teaser Video

Based on a new teaser from Netflix it looks like Hawkins will be getting a new mall for Stranger Things Season 3 called the Starcourt, which is heavily featured in the show’s first bit of promotion for its third season. The VOD-service didn’t spare any retro either, as the production on the teaser is straight out of the 80’s. If you grew up during that decade, there will be heavy amounts of nostalgia washing over you as you watch the tease, because it literally feels as if it came from a time capsule, that’s how retro 80’s authentic it truly is.

Outside of the new mall being in Hawkins, the only other connection to Stranger Things is one of the mall workers just so happens to be Steve. He works at an ice cream shop in the Mall’s food court now, and based on his body posture in the trailer, he definitely loves his job, or at least loves hating his job.

The video’s summer setting may also be teasing when Stranger Things Season 3 will debut, because the show runners have stated that it would take place during the summer this season instead of the fall, so this tease could be highlighting that fact. Check it out above.


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