Gigantic is a pretty interesting strategic, “Hero Shooter,” game from the folks over at Motiga Inc. and Perfect World Entertainment. The game has been in the testing phase for quite some time now, but that isn’t a bad thing. The next big open beta update is here and it adds quite a bit of content. First off, the game’s last month of Open Beta testing is now available on the Arc platform, extending the player base even more so than it was already set at. There are also new features like a new tutorial, a new front end user interface, voice chat and bot matches!

On top of this, we also got the news that Gigantic will officially release on July 20th on Xbox One, PC and Playstation 4. Right now, if you login to the beta and play at least one match using the Arc platform, you will unlock the Arc Lightning Tripp skin. Windows 10 and Xbox One users who do the same will receive the Excelsior skin for Tyto the Swift. Players can grab the founders pack right now for $29.99 as opposed to the normal $39.99 price tag. This includes all current heroes, two more heroes and some additional, unique rewards.

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