Street Fight Some Monsters With This Monster Hunter: World Crossover

The video above showcases the Street Fighter V costumes that will soon be added to Monster Hunter World.

If you don’t know how this works, there is a quest made available to the players where they go out and gather the materials to make these skins. I believe they are only cosmetic, and they’re applied to a specific inventory slot. So far, it seems that the hunters on PlayStation are currently being favored over us Xbox One hunters, but hopefully it’ll come around.

Skin crossovers in games are amazing as long as they’re done right. Ryu’s skin is expected sometime in mid-February, and Sakura’s skin has yet to be given any kind of available date. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think some Xbox exclusive crossover skins would be awesome. I’m thinking Marcus Fenix wielding a heavy bow gun. If you could skin that to look like a Hammerburst, I’d be heaven.

How do you feel about skin crossovers? What games would you like to see added to Monster Hunter World?


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