Street Fighter is a much beloved series that has had its ups and downs, and with the new one coming out soon (actual new one, not an expansion), Smosh has taken it upon themselves to remind us that Street Fighter is great, but it’s got its little quirks.

Considering the fact that the main series titles have had more expansions, ports, and remakes than actual sequels, it’s garnered a reputation as being just a tad ridiculous. Even the characters like Ryu have their own remakes, and clones within the games, Ryu, Akuma, Ken, and Dan are pretty much all exactly the same characters with extremely similar move sets, you can debate it all you want, but somewhere along the 8 billion ports and remakes, I think the creativity for new characters got a bit low.

Anyway, Smosh can say it a lot better than I can, so check it out above!


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