Street Fighter V: Advanced Tips

Street Fighter V has a plethora of new features that, from my perspective (someone who sucks at fighting games), looks like it’s just more complicated now. This new educational(ish) video from PlayStation shows us, basically, what all the shiny new meters of your HUD do in Street Fighter V.

The stun bar, unsurprisingly, fills up to tell you when you’re going to get stunned by your opponent, which is helpful, I guess, although I didn’t realize that (according to the video) there was an invisible stun bar in SF IV. The special bar can also fill up further than it could before to allow players to perform Critical Arts, which, as far as I can tell, are just extra powerful EX moves.

The last thing they explained was the V trigger bar, which is filled simply by getting hit or parrying attacks, and can be used to get out of a combo if you’re just getting wailed on. It can also be filled all the way to activate the V Trigger for each character, which is like a temporary power up that increases damage from certain types of moves, like Ken’s fireballs and uppercuts. They’re pretty nifty for the most part, and if you picked up the game and aren’t totally sure of everything yet, check out the video and let the pros explain it to you!

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