Stunt People’s Jacobus Creates Groundhog Day Inspired Martial Arts Short

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The stuntpeople YouTube channel is back with another one of their hard hitting stunt film shorts, and this time around they used their creative muscles in addition to their fists. Eric Jacobus (Stryker Mortal Kombat: Legacy) wrote, starred, and directed the short, which is called Rope A Dope.

The concept will be familiar to any fans of the excellent Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. Basically, the Dope keeps waking up to the same routine each day that inevitably ends up with him getting his ass kicked by a group of thugs. Once he realizes that he’s stuck in a time loop he begins to take advantage of the situation to get the upper hand on the group of dicks who beat him up each repeated day. He enlists the help of some unlikely allies to get him ready along the way, but you’ll have to watch the full short below to see how things end up for the Dope. If you like what you see make sure to check out more of Eric’s work with the Stunt People here.



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