Dark Souls II looks great so far.

Dark Souls II looks great so far.

The Internet was initially up in arms with the announcement of Dark Souls II. Fans of the notoriously challenging and atmospheric franchise feared the game would take on a different direction – focusing more on hack-and-slash action than tactful and unforgiving combat.

At Microsoft’s E3 press conference earlier today, Dark Souls II made its first appearance since Yui Tanimura spoke with back in April.

The trailer’s debut will calm the fears of anyone still worried about the direction Dark Souls II will take. In just over a minute, Dark Souls II’s trailer managed to showcase everything that makes the series so great. Animations looked crisp and the graphics are impressive, especially when considering that Dark Souls II will launch on both the PS3 and XBOX360.

Swordplay seems to stay consistent with previous Souls entries, albeit this time around with a bit more flair. Each swing of the protagonist’s blade seems to have some serious weight to it, making combat much more dynamic. Archery is featured as well, which should be indecisive or bows being much more viable during a playthrough.

The enemies encountered in the trailer look exceptional, as is to be expected for a Souls entry. Armored humanoids are featured throughout, each different one looking more than capable of causing more than a few player deaths.

Of special note is the large silver knight. His crown of thorns and massive mirror-shield are impressive; if not awe inspiring. During the trailer, the protagonist seems to be trapped within the mirrored shield, leading to believe that this will undoubtedly become a new mechanic for a boss fight. The gigantic skeletal dragon from the IGN footage makes an appearance as well, ensuring that Dark Souls II will feature more of the intense boss fights that have become the hallmark of the series.

Dark Souls II is without a doubt shaping up to be a worth predecessor to the beloved previous entries in the series. Check below for the full Dark Souls II trailer:

Dark Souls II Trailer (E3 2013):

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