Styx: Master of Shadows was one of the most impressive, lesser known titles shown at this year’s E3. A prequel to the 2012 sleeper hit, Of Orcs and MenStyx: Master of Shadows sets itself apart by focusing slowly on gaming’s stealthiest goblin.

Gameplay is markedly different in Styx as opposed to Of Orcs and Men, and is much better suited for Styx’s skillset. Players have full control of the goblin as they move about stealthily and Styx has numerous abilities and tools at his disposal to allow him to avoid detection.

The near-fifteen minutes of Styx: Master of Shadows gameplay is a treat to watch, as the game’s visuals and settings combine to make for an engaging experience. For more information on Styx: Master of Shadows, be sure to check out Entertainment Buddha’s preview from E3.


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