Successful Steam Early Access Title ‘Brawlout’ Coming to the Switch

Brawlout has seen a lot of success in it’s stages in Steam Early Access. If you are unfamiliar with the game, let me give you a quick rundown. Brawlout is an intense, fun game that mixes couch and online play and gracefully blends together traditional fighting game play with platform fighter mechanics. This stylish brawler is going to be coming to the Nintendo Switch just in time for the holiday season. To celebrate this momentous announcement, Angry Mob is offering a huge 50% off discount for the game on Steam right now. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, they are also announcing a new character, Hyper Light Drifter from the indie game of the same title!

The Drifter brings a whole new style of gameplay to the brawl with tons of movement options and hardcore defensive and offensive gameplay. Angry Mob is looking to have him come a staple for competitive players. For those who want to watch the chaos unfold, Brawlout TV will let spectators watch ongoing matches. Brawlout can host up to four players in online and local battles. Gone are the days of shields and blocking, utilize advanced techniques like wavedashing and air dodging to out maneuver your opponents. Check out the trailer for Brawlout and be on the lookout this holiday season to snag this one on your Nintendo Switch!

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