There’s been a lot of great news to come out this past week and in EB’s newest feature – Sunday Funday – we take a look back at the week that was so that all you busy bees can catch up with any and all news you might have missed in the past few days.

From Microsoft’s shocking reversal of the Xbox One’s DRM policy, audio insights into the Xbox One’s Cloud and Kinect functionality, hands-on impressions of some of next year’s hottest games, and our EIC’s top five games from E3 and official report card, we have everything covered – right here in one place for your convenience.

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or a Bloody Mary if you’re so inclined) and take a read through some of this week’s biggest headlines.

First Impressions of a 64-Player Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Match: 

Our EIC, Matt Heywood had a blast at E3 this year. He wasn’t there just for pleasure though, he also got the scoop on tons of upcoming games. His hand-on impression of an intense, 64-Player Battlefield 4 match is a great read and is sure to get FPS fans everywhere more than just a little excited for the upcoming October release of BF4.

Hands-on Impressions of Xbox One’s Killer Instinct:

Another great impression piece. The Killer Instinct reboot wowed almost everyone at E3 this year. Even though it has been well over a decade since Killer Instinct was in the hands of gamers everywhere, Microsoft seems to be on to something with the upcoming Xbox One exclusive fighter. Fighting games are often criticized for being overly complicated for new players, but – as Matt tells us – KI is very newcomer friendly.

The Evolution of Superman’s Look in a Stylized Animated Form:

Superman has been top dog in the comic book world for seventy-five years now. This awesome illustration is a stylish tour through the Man of Steel’s various looks throughout the years.

Microsoft Reverses DRM and Online Policies for the Xbox One:

Microsoft’s announcement of their upcoming console’s strange DRM and always-on restrictions left many gamers scratching their head. After a week of criticism and backlash, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick issued a statement that due to the remarkable feedback the company received the Xbox one would operate similar to the 360 in regards to online access and used game functionality. While the announcement certainly won back a lot of people who were turned off by the initial console announcement, if these changes is enough to give the Xbox One the push it desperately needed has yet to be seen.

EB’s Top 5 (ish) Games From E3 2013 – Next-gen Titles Shine:

We certainly has a ton of coverage from the whirlwind week that is E3, but after the dust settled, Matt sat down and shared his thoughts on his best in show titles. With so many great games to choose from, making a short list is virtually impossible, so we can forgive him for including a handful more than just five games

The Witcher 3’s Dev Diary Showcases CD Projekt RED’s Passion:

There’s a million reasons to be excited for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and this developer diary from Polish developer CD Projekt RED is the current icing on the cake. They are committed to creating the best possible gaming experience and hearing the team talk about everything they plan to do for the next-gen RPG is music to any gamer’s ears.

Grading the Big 3 of Gaming – E3 2013 Report Cards:

Another E3 retrospective, Matt takes some time out of his busy schedule to dish out his official E3 grades for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Setting fanboy biases aside can often be a huge challenge, but Matt uses his Buddha-like knowledge to give great breakdowns and fair scores to the Big Boys of the gaming industry.

Clouds, Asteroids, NFL – Audio From Xbox One’s Demo Shares Insight:

Our final pick for Sunday Funday is one of the most interesting nuggets of gaming gossip we’ve come across in a while. The whopping 21 minutes of audio from Microsoft’s E3 Demo of the Xbox One serves to shed some light on their touted Cloud connectivity and Kinect capabilities for the new console. Rumors had been spreading for a while that the Xbox One simply didn’t have the power to compete with the PS4, but hearing the Microsoft team talk about the ability to use their Cloud technology to essentially create a super console is a must-listen.

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