Another week, another batch of great articles and news from the ever-studly team at Entertainment Buddha. The past few days have brought a lot of interesting stories to our attention and, as always, we at EB have you covered on all of the biggest news, geekiest scoops, and loudest opinions. We stand tall on our little soapbox corner of the internet and are happy to keep you abreast of all of the geek-o-sphere’s happenings.  Sit back and relax for once this week – our featured headlines are below:

Ten Aces Kickstarter Preview: Tactical TBS Designed for the Player:

The Greece-based indie developer, Traptics, are hard at work on an interesting TBS game that is catered wholly to the player’s strategic skill. There are no random elements to rear their ugly head and muck up your game – just pure, unadulterated skill and fun to be had. With a mature and deep narrative driving the game’s core, Ten Aces is a game that deserves the spotlight. The Traptics team took to the Kickstarter platform to showcase what they have completed so far in Ten Aces‘ production process as well as what they plan to do with the game should they reach full funding. Check out the full article for a playable demo, as well as a video from Traptics that shows off just how cool the game is shaping up to be.

Taking the ‘Assassin’ Out of Assassin’s Creed – AC4 Thoughts:

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is undoubtedly a departure from the general direction of the series. It seems that with each new Assassin’s Creed entry, the games move further away from well, being an assassin. What do pirates, rum drinking, and booty have to do with secretive killers? Find out my take on the change of pace for the series.

Getting Stinky – Hands-on Impressions of a Gaming Footboard:

The Buddha himself shares his take on the Stinky Footboard – a gaming peripheral that is essentially a mouse for your feet. Definetly one of the more interesting ideas that we have heard of in quite some time, check out the post to see whether or not the Stinky Footboard smells like a great idea or not.

Beggining to End Cook Teaser for Breaking Bad’s Final Run:

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the greatest shows ever broadcast on television. Sadly, the show is nearing it’s finale. While this means that thousands of fans everywhere will have to deal with the crippling loss of losing some of the best TV characters ever, the pain is offset by this awesome teaser for the final eight episodes. Be warned, however, this teaser contains some serious SPOILERS – if you aren’t caught up on the show do so immediately.

Pacific Rim Behind the Scenes Featurette: Young Mako Scene:

There’s a ton to love about Pacific Rim – giant mechas, kaiju-inspired monsters, and freakin’ Idris Elba (yes, that is right Stringer Bell of The Wire kicks alien ass) are pretty much a geek’s dream come true. Legendary Pictures keeps the hype train rolling with this behind the scene look at one of Pacific Rims coolest scenes. Fans of the film, movie buffs, or people who just want to occupy themselves for a few minutes are guarenteed to love this featurette. Peep it now!

NCAA Ends Deal With EA, Remains Unaware Of Own Hubris:

EB’s resident sports fanatic, Kyle, shares his take on the recent split between the longstanding partnership of the NCAA and Electronic Arts. If you’re looking for some scandal (and some idiocy to boot) you came to the right post. Kyle knows his stuff when it comes to both the sports and gaming world and his take on the situation is an absolute gem.

Cube World Alpha Review: It’s Not Another Minecraft Clone:

The newest to the addition to the EB family from across the pond, TenBensons, graces the internet with his review of the Alpha release of Cube World. As the title suggests, the similarities to the ever-popular Minecraft are only block deep. The procedurally generated RPG is a ridiculously deep game even in its current Alpha state. Take a look at the whole review for and see just how much Cube World has to offer.

The Gaming Industry is Staler Than a Two Day Old Fart:

I’ve been pondering the state of the games industry for quite some time now and finally got to the point that I wanted to share my stance on the things that bother me about it – namely, the stagnation and lack or original ideas lately. I compare the state of the industry now to the games I obsessed over as a kid. Agree or disagree with me, it’s certainly worth a read through (please!).

Phoenix Down – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Impressions:

The overhaul of the lackluster Final Fantasy XIV, aptly titled A Realm Reborn, is way more than I could have hoped for it to be. As both a Final Fantasy fan and an occasional MMORPG addict, ARR excells in many different categories. Put your bias to the side when it comes to this game, really – it will blow you out of the water.

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