Another week has reached its end and in the newest EntertainmentBuddha tradition, it is time for Sunday Funday – our weekly wrap up of this week’s biggest, baddest and best news.

A lot has happened this week in the gaming world and the team at EB has you covered. From Humble Weekly Sales to Contra reviews and the finale of our E3 2013 coverage, no stone has been left un-turned this week. Grab a cup of coffee, maybe a bite to eat, and sit back and relax as EB brings you the best news you might have missed during your busy week:

The History of Respawn and Titanfall Video, Putting a Face to Greatness:

We’d be lying if we said that all of us at EB aren’t eagerly awaiting Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming shooter, Titanfall. Every little bit of information that has come out regarding the game has us pining for the game’s release. This video, focusing on Respawn’s rise from the ashes of former Activision employees, puts a face to some of gaming’s most creative minds. Even if you aren’t a shooter fan (acceptable) or a sci-fi fan (unacceptable), this video warrants a watch for the sheer passion exuding from the developers as they talk about creating their magnum opus.

The Top Ten Role Playing Games of This Console Generation:

I have been a fan of RPGs ever since I first picked up a controller. I’ve slayed more dragons and goblins than I could possible count. In this post, I sat down and ranked my Top Ten RPGs on this generation’s consoles. While in no means a be-all-end-all list, it’s safe to say that virtually every RPG worth its salt made its way onto the list. Agree? Disagree? Hate RPGs? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the comment sections, nothing would make me happier than a conversation with RPG fans about the games we so love – except, maybe a beer or three this afternoon.

E3 2013 in Vine Form – Next-Gen, Bright, and Loud:

EB’s coverage of this year’s E3 show continued well into this week, this time featuring some of the Vine videos our EIC Matt shot during his time at the Expo. Matt’s videos serve as short, guided tours over three days of E3 madness. From press conferences, showroom snaps, and even the Xbox 101 party, watching these Vines will make you feel like you were the at E3.

E3 2013 in Picture Form – Next-Gen Rules the Show:

The conclusion of EB’s coverage of E3 2013 features TONS of photos that Matt during his time at the show. Dozens of photos from Microsoft, EA, Sony, and the Xbox 101 press confereances are all here for your media consuming enjoyment, as well as two days worth of pictures from the showroom floor. Matt’s photos serve to show just how awesome and chaotic  E3 is each and every year. Check these out now and book your ticket for next year!

Get Shanked: New Humble Weekly Sale:

The Humble Weekly Sales are quickly becoming one of the few things I actually look forward to in a given week. Each and every sale never fails to dissappoint and the current Weekly Sale is another hit. Featuring three games from Klie Entertainment – Shank, Shank 2, and Eets – anyone looking for great games at completely unbeatable prices needs to look no more for their fix, EB has you covered.

Superhero Homes Infographic – A Look at Some Infamous Lairs:

This awesome inforgraphic is a great read for those who are interested in Superheroes and the places they rest their heads at night. With details on the lairs of some of comic’s greatest heroes and presented neatly with great art, reading through this infographic is sure to make many a nerd wish they had a secret lair a little more substantial than their current Mancave.

Contra: Evolution Review – Bill and Lance Go HD and Kick Ass:

Matt spent some serious time with the new Contra entry for iOS devices and had nothing but great things to say about it. With beautiful HD visuals and the same addicting Contra formula, Evolution deserves a place in any mobile gamer’s library.

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