News regarding Naughty Dog’s Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive has been decidely scarce since the game’s reveal at last year’s E3. The bright visuals and parkour-inspired movement featured in the reveal trailer caught the eye of many video game fans and instantly made Sunset Overdrive one of the most talked about titles at the show.

Since E3, little has been heard from Naughty Dog their frantic shooter until the recent reveal of some astounding new screenshots.

These new screenshots, located in the gallery below, showcase the remarkable visuals of Sunset Overdrive. The vibrant colors and grotesque monster designs are still intact from the E3 reveal and only look better than what was originally shown.

According to Naughty Dog, each character in Sunset Overdrive boasts 40,000 polygons, allowing for the intense action featured in the game while still retaining such great graphical fidelity.

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