Sunset Overdrive already sets itself out as an absolute insane game, everything about it screams insanity. Whether it is the cast of zany characters, the gorgeous stylized graphics or the wonderful locations which will not soon be forgotten, this game is nuts. You might have thought you had seen all the game had to offer, but Insomniac Games is here to prove you wrong with their latest DLC set, The Mystery of Mooil Rig.

The Mystery of Mooil Rig takes players on a journey to a whole new zone complete with new enemies, new allies, new weapons and tons more. A rig might not come across as the most obvious place to set some DLC, but from the time I had with the game it worked surprisingly well. Mooil Rig offers a range of great new missions and one awesome boss which despite a little repetition, was a lot of fun to fight against.

If you thought the OD were ugly before…

Making a triumphant return in the content is everyone’s favorite limbless side character Scoutmaster Bryllcream. If you are yet to be introduced to him however, then playing through the main story in its entirety is something I would highly recommend for the sake of massive spoilers. He plays a huge part in the DLC and as you would expect, a brilliant role.

Moving away from the story itself (which if you were wondering, is pretty good), content wise you can run through the DLC in a couple of hours though it’s possible to squeeze out more playtime should you collect all the mini UFOs, play through the chaos squad missions or just generally explore the beautifully made Mooil Rig. Mooil rig is a massive step from the bright Sunset City using a mix of brown and orange tones whilst still maintaining that Sunset Overdrive charm. Due to the nature of the zone, verticality plays a large role and traversal is as important as ever. So important, that thanks to Mooil Rig being in the middle of the ocean Insomniac added some new moves that dramatically improve the traversal flow.


It is now possible to continue looking awesome by diving in and out of the water whilst still maintaining ultimate style. This new addition to movement makes a massive difference to the gameplay since it makes everything run together smoother than ever. With how well everything was for the main game, it showed itself as the kind of mechanic you never knew you were missing till it was there. Still, it was great to see something so game changing added to an already hyper speedy game.

The two weapons introduced in the DLC as you would expect very much suit the location and setting. That is, a focus on area effect and destruction. One of the best missions available as it happens is a fetch quest that pays homage to one of the greatest horror films ever made, which I will not spoil. As I have said though, Mooil Rig will not suck up hours of your time but it is a great little distraction for after work/school and a welcome addition to the Sunset Overdrive universe, and for its price it’s quite an easy recommendation.


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