Sunset Overdrive has been out a few months now, and most of you have more than likely fully adapted to the insanity that ensues within the walls of Sunset City. With the dozens of weapons and the even crazier amount of combinations, it has likely been a memorable and without doubt extremely orange time. When things start to feel a little same-y though, it can be normal to crave a little change, and that is when you should start considering other methods to take out the troublesome OD forces. With the help of these new weapons, the OD will think twice before attacking. Actually, they probably will not, so being armed to the teeth would be a wise move no matter your choice.

I recently got my hands on the four new weapons, and so I shall detail them and my opinions to help you make the decision. The weapons themselves unlock from the get-go and so playing through the story or buying with overcharge is not necessary, a touch I found particularly alluring.

Starting off with the Rager, I made my way into the overrun city and began firing rounds to try out my new toy. With the Rager, I was able to turn my enemies against each other, resulting in some helpful sidekicks. When enemies are shot with the gun they turn red and immediately begin attacking the closest thing to them. If there is just a single enemy however, then the gun is not worth using since you can expect the enemy to promptly run in your direction as normal. The good news is that enemies also explode when killed, so coupled with a horde of OD the weapon as you might expect can be pretty effective.

I found that each weapon suited a different situation, and it was plain to see that Insomniac had each weapon in mind for different events. Of the four weapons available, the next one I found to be most amusing. The Plague Bomb introduces damage over time as well as vomiting. That’s right; vomiting. I found myself getting up close to enemies and firing the gun only to watch them violently throw up what was most likely a mix of stale overcharge and human insides. The gun, like the last one, also caused enemies to explode upon their violent deaths. When I felt I was under too much pressure however, the handly Multi-lock Rocket Launcher evened the playing field by destroying multiple targets in one foul sweep. Though I liked the gun, I felt that it was somewhat under powered when used on the larger variant of OD, with it seemingly only taking off small amounts of health. This can of course be rectified by improving the weapon through use, and adding amps to it to add additional effects.

The final weapon in the weapon pack is sure to please those who feel a little overwhelmed by enemies, and renders the user invulnerable for a limited amount of time. When things get a little rough switch on your Shield Buddy for some serious protection against even the toughest of foes. Though the weapon sounds powerful, the limited amount of time it remains active means that tactical play is encouraged and ammo for it should be used sparingly. Aside from covering the user and nearby allies in a protective veil, the shield also deploys tiny bombs which again can help when overwhelmed by OD. Perhaps the greatest strength of the Shield Buddy however is the ability to still use any weapon whilst having it turned on. Whereas some might consider it overpowered, I would consider it highly useful. Since you still have to charge the shield, activate the shield and then change weapon, it is a less than ideal way of play, so the trade off feels pretty fair.

The weapon pack for Sunset Overdrive was pretty simplistic, though I felt it added enough content for the price you pay. As we are yet to see the rest of the Season Pass content this pack alone is in no way worth the price of admission, but the weapons inside it have enough quality to suggest that future content will be of high quality. When purchased without the Season Pass however, the price is a measly $4.99 and easily worth the small cost. If you have the spare change you can do a lot worse with your Xbox Live credit.

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