We are a week away from Super Bowl XLV, or for Non-Romans, Super Bowl 45, and I’m starting to feel the nerves in my gut that usually yield a trip to the toilet for some Hershey Squirts.  Let me make it clear that I’m a die hard Steelers fanboy, so anything you see on this site will definitely be skewed in their favor.  No BS here!

I found a cartoon that some guy made of a Packers fan arguing with a Steelers fan that I found fairly entertaining.  There’s something about a cartoon saying, “Big Ben will evade your tacklers just like he evaded those r*pe charges” that makes me giggle.  By the way, will Ben ever be able to shed those unfortunate allegations?  I mean Kobe r*ped someone, settled on it admitting some sort of guilt, bought his wife a huge diamond, and then won some NBA titles to make fans forget about his off the court issues.  Can Ben do the same thing by winning his third Super Bowl ring?

Anyway, I’ve officially come to terms with the fact that my humor level will never extend past the 3rd grade.  In fact, I’ve downloaded the software used to make videos like the one below, so maybe one day I can have my own R-rated cartoon.  I set the bar of retardedness high for myself!  What can I say?  Check it out below, and Go Steelers!  You’ve been wondering why the Packers fan is wearing a Broccoli Super Hero costume…


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