Super Crome Hands-On Preview – PAX East 2019

Though the game is already available on Early Access, Super Crome was at PAX East this year in order to get some feedback on their current build of the game. Bringing your game to a convention like that is a great way to get a TON of feedback on what works in your game and what doesn’t. I must say though, that from what I saw, the game looks fantastic, and for a shoot em up that costs literally two dollars on Steam right now.

The regular levels in the game are fairly challenging after a while, and the boss fights are extremely fun. The bosses all have really crazy, somewhat creepy designs, like giant green eyeballs that cover the screen in bullets. The fact that this game only has 10 reviews on Steam is an absolute crime against humanity, go play this game RIGHT NOW. It’s challenging, but in the best way possible, and has a surprising amount of color for being a retro-style shooter.

It was a bit hard to hear the music/sound on the show floor because it was in a fairly noisy section, but the little bit that I did hear sounded great. It was the perfect game to have on a show floor too, since it kept high scores, whoever had the highest score at the end of each day won a shirt. I did not win a shirt because I’m pretty stinky at shmups, but I still had a blast, and this game fits right in with all of the arcade classic chumps. One day, there will be an indie game arcade, and this game will have a shiny chrome cabinet, with a line out the door, with people trying for that high score.

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