In a world where gritty, macho beat em ups make up a majority of arcade-style side-scrollers, Super Crush KOsets itself apart. With an absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn design combined with a pastel color-palette, the game is a treat to the eyes. Not only that, but the gameplay mixes up themes from Devil May Cryand Guacamelee, and it works absolutely flawlessly. If anything, it might work even better than the aforementioned games in a lot of ways. It’s more action-y than Guacamelee, but easier to handle than DmC, and in my short time with them demo, I was tearing my way through screen after screen of enemies.

Not only do you have a basic combo of light attacks you can perform, you have directional special attacks. These can launch enemies up in the air, away from you, spike them down on the ground, or help you follow up into another attack. You’ve also got a cannon that can be used much like Dante’s pistols to juggle enemies in the air for a second while you catch up to them and beat them down more. This is all aided by a super bubbly soundtrack, and the aforementioned gorgeous visuals.

There were multiple enemy types within the demo too, some of which only had small windows of time in which they can be juggled. Bigger, heavier enemies definitely provide much more of a challenge than smaller enemies that’ll barely have a chance to touch the ground once you’ve got your hands on them. The demo that I got to play unfortunately was pretty short, I wanted so badly to play it for like 20 minutes straight, but alas, it would not be so. DEFINITELY be on the lookout for this game in the future, no release date was given at the time of coverage, and like all great games; “It’s done when it’s done”.

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