Super Geek Spends $4,000 On War Machine Costume

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve been to a “Geek” Convention before, and although they are full of some straight up weirdos and nerds, the convention itself is always interesting and fun.  Outside of running into a large number of dudes who still live with their Moms, one of the main staples of these conventions are people dressing up in costumes, or participating in the art of cosplay.  Cosplay is a nice way of saying these people may have some sort of personality disorder, because they dress and act just like their favorite character from some work of fiction.  I’ve done it myself, but not to the degree that some people take it.  Plus I was a younger guy that still thought Lucas would make some awesome Star Wars prequel movies, and we all know what happened there.

Anthony Le is one Cosplayer who takes his dressing up to a whole new level.  This dude has dropped over $4,000 on his custom made War Machine suit that he recently wore to the SDCC.  That’s right, $4,000 bucks folks!  Just imagine all of the hookers he could have bought with that!  I can appreciate fandom in regards to a piece of science fiction, but $4,000?!?  That’s taking things to a level of geek that only the most dedicated nerds can accomplish.

I must say Le’s suit, which is made out of urethane and 1,500 rivets, is very impressive, regardless of the fact if this guy has a life or not.  With skills like this you’d think he’d be working in Hollywood.  Everything on his suit is custom made, and he even has motors in the face mask to lift it up and down just like Don Cheadle can do in the movie.  Le also has similar Iron Man suits, so I’m guessing this dude may have close to $8,000 wrapped up in costumes.

Not my first choice when it comes to setting money on fire, but I also have a wall full of plastic dolls, so I can’t really talk about wasting money on geeky crap.  Check out more of Le’s creations below.  You will be impressed, but at the same time you’ll wonder why someone would drop that much cheese on a costume.  You’ve been wondering how to waste $4,000…

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