‘Super Mario Cat Bros.’ Short May be The Most Impressive Cat Video of All-Time

If you’re a cat lover you owe it to yourself to watch a new VFX short from Mr.TVCow. It’s a gaming in real life VFX wonder, and not because of the VFX, which are quite nice. The most wondrous part of the video is that the creator somehow got a cat to play along with his script.

All of us cat owners know that this is a feat in and of itself, because let’s be honest, cat’s do whatever the hell they want when they want. Getting a cat to actually follow a defined path and almost appear as if it is a trained actor is award worthy.

Anyway, you have to check out this lovely little short, which features a human playing Luigi and a cat playing Mario, as they journey through a Super Mario Bros. enhanced reality. You will not be disappointed, especially if you have a thing for felines and Italian plumbers.


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