Nintendo’s providing gamers with a big new Mario Maker update next week, continuing the trend of patching their first-party titles.

The free update will include highly-demanded checkpoints, which can be created by shaking an arrow sign in the editor, and power-ups that are contingent upon Mario’s state. This means if small Mario hits a ? block, he gets a mushroom, while hitting the same block big will net a fire flower or other power-up. According to Nintendo, players simply stack the mushroom and whatever other power-up they choose together to do this.

In addition, two new sections will be added in Course World. The first is called “Official Makers” and will contain levels primarily made by Nintendo officials. The second will be an “Event Courses” section and will feature levels made for special events. Nintendo explains:

“The software update also introduces Event Courses in the game’s Course World online hub. Event Courses will feature levels from partner creators outside Nintendo. One of the first Event Courses will be “Ship Love,” the winning level from the “hackathon” event that was held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park earlier this year. Facebook is the first outside partner in the United States to design a level for Super Mario Maker; employees had the opportunity to design and present their creations to a panel of judges before the winning level was selected.”

I guess I can stop begging for checkpoints and dynamic power-ups now. Well done, Nintendo. A full video walkthrough of the new features can be found above, and the update will go live on November 4th.


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