Super Powers Aren’t for Everyone

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have super powers like your favorite X-Men?  No?  What the f*ck type of geek are you then?  Anyway, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be a God amongst men with my power of choice being the Force, or the abilities of Superman.  Unfortunately, that will never happen because we live in some lame a*s dimension where Jedis and Kyrptonites are only present in works of fiction.  Although, we always have mediums like film, TV, and now the Internet to pretend that having super powers could one day be a reality.

For example, our friends over at Cam4Yeah sent me their latest video, which puts the power of an X-Men in the hands of regular people.  The result isn’t what you’d expect from someone that has mutant powers, but it’s nice to see what may happen if every Tom, Dick, and Harry got their hands on some super powers.  Let’s just say that the power of the Gods isn’t for everyone.  Check out their short below to see what I mean.  You’ve been thinking about giving up your left nut to have super powers…

Storm Glove


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