Yesterday, nostalgic gamers were treated to some great 8 and 16-bit news with the announcement of Innex, Inc.’s Super Retro Console and Adaptor.

The Super Retro Console is being manufactured by Retro-bit and will allow gamers to play original NES, Super Nintendo, Genesis, and Gameboy Advance (with the Adaptor) games in the comfort of their living rooms, all from a 3-in-1 console.

From the Innex’s press release:

“Old-school is new-school when it comes to playing nostalgia games,” states Innex President, Titi Ngoy. “Our exclusive line of Retro-bit® game consoles are awesome for any gamer, no matter what their age. There is a huge appetite for original 8-bit and 16-bit action and we anticipate an enthusiastic demand for this exciting line up.”

The Super Retro Trio, retailing at $69.99, will allow users to play NES, SNES, and Genesis games directly from their original cartridges. The console is equipped with three separate cartridge slots, six controller ports, and two gaming controllers.

The Super Retro Adaptor, with a $39.99 price tag, connects Gameboy Advance cartridges directly into the SNES, allowing users to play GBA games on their television screen. Included with the Adaptor is a GBA link port, allowing up to three other Gameboys to be hooked up, for 4-way gameplay. Innex is also releasing a Super Retro Bundle. The bundle will include both the Super Retro Trio and Super Retro Adaptor, retailing for $89.99.

The announcement of the Super Retro Console is sure to make a lot of gamers happy. The nostalgia-gaming market continues to grow larger each year, and this announcement is sure to please fans of systems past who want a chance to play through their catalog of classics again.

Innex has also announced that they will be debuting both the Super Retro Console and Super Retro Adaptor at this year’s E3 from June 11th-13th, so those headed to E3 this year should keep an eye out for the biggest thing to hit retro gaming in a long time. You can check out an image of the adaptor after the break.

The Super Retro adaptor for GBA games
The Super Retro adaptor for GBA games


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