Super Tony Land is the story of Tony, a plumber from Brooklyn doing his best to make a living in the video game realm. It’s a 2D indie platformer with local co-op for two, and a huge focus on its shareable level editor! Build your own levels and link them together to create worlds, characters, stories, and challenges. Explore the multiverse to find new adventures.

Use Tronics, a visual programming language, and physics to build almost anything you can dream up. From robots or rocket ships, to dialog trees for telling complex stories.

Some of the features of Super Tony Land are:

  • Crazy Power Ups
  • Powerful Level Editor
  • Physics Based Construction
  • Dynamic Lighting on Sprites
  • Visual Programing Language
  • Character Creation
  • Link levels to build whole Worlds
  • Share Worlds over Steam Workshop

Super Tony Land was super awesome! I was actually really impressed when I played the demo at PAX East 2018. One of the developers from Robot Loves Kitty said “… it’s like Mario Maker with so much more.” I absolutely agree! He showed me a bunch of different fan-made levels such as a mechanic dinosaur who eats donuts, and even a made-from-scratch pinball machine.

Super Tony Land will be available for PC, Mac and Linux with 100% controller support. Early Access will be available very soon (Spring 2018)!

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