Superhero Homes Infographic – A Look at Some Infamous Lairs

Green Arrow, Superman, and Iron Man

Green Arrow, Superman, and Iron Man

We were sent an infographic that details some of the more iconic homes, lairs, and caves that our superheroes inhabit while they’re not fighting crime. The graphic features information about the living quarters of Batman, Superman, Wolverine, and others, as well as information on the real life homes that inspired a few of these secret bases.

All of the information is presented in an animated style that adds charm to the piece, which is a great Clif’s Notes rundown on some of the more well known superhero pads. It can also be used to go on a world tour of the real life locations that served as inspirations for the artists who created the superheroes, and their homes in the first place. Check it out below to learn more about the digs of a few of our more famous comic book and cartoon characters.

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