Superhero Origin Stories Get Decidely Less Tragic in this Video

Superheroes live a hard life. There’s always a villain to deal with, their identities must remain a secret, and most of them don’t know the first thing about being in a committed relationship. Over the years, Hollywood has pumped out so many superhero remakes that at this point, you really don’t need another origin story.

The folks over at Dorkly have created a video showing what would happen if the defining moments of ¬†Spider-Man, Batman and Superman never happened. Would they have gone on to be the heroes you grew to know or would they stay an average joe? If Uncle Ben never died, would Peter Parker have gone to be Spider-Man? If Bruce Wayne didn’t witness his parent murdered in cold blood, then he wouldn’t become Batman. What’s with Superman’s parents? Are they really that selfish that they had to send him to Earth to live a child free life? Clark Kent would have become Superman on false hope to make his “dead” parents proud.

Check out the Less Tragic Superhero Origins video below.

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