Superman Versus Batman Duel – A Stop Motion Lego Preview

Superman versus Batman lego duel
Superman versus Batman lego duel

One of the hotter topics in the film industry right now is the Superman Versus Batman movie reveal, which will be the spiritual successor to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Not much is known about the film’s plot outside of the fact that Batman will be included, and he and Superman will have some sort of altercation before teaming up to take on a yet to be confirmed super villain. The concept draws inspiration from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, so many DC fans are eager to see how those motifs play out on the silver screen.

YouTuber Keshen8 has taken it upon himself to give fans a preview of what a fight between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight would look like. He takes a comical approach, but if you really want to get geeky his portrayal of the fight is exactly what would happen if Batman tried to take on Superman without some sort of trump card to take away the Kryptonians powers. The Lego stop motion maestro also included a cheeky homage to the ending of Man of Steel, which may rub Batman fans the wrong way, but overall the short is a high quality piece of creativity that DC Comics fans should appreciate.

Just remember that these are Legos and not real life, so don’t get your fanboy panties in too big of a bunch. Head on down below to see what really would happen if Batman took on Superman in a bout of fisticuffs.


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