Superman’s Black Suit Revealed in Justice League Deleted Scene

A deleted scene from Justice League has made its way online, and it briefly shows off Superman’s black suit, which he was rumored to appear in while Zack Snyder was still in charge of the film’s direction. The scene is short, and it doesn’t feature Superman in the black suit. The suit is actually being stored in his fortress, so it appears at some point in time Superman returned there after being reanimated. The scene also showcases Han Zimmer’s Man of Steel theme, so it does make it feel more like a Snyder film than what we got with the help of Joss Whedon.

Now I’m not here to make the same claims as some of the clip’s commenters, who are trying to say that this scene would have saved Justice League, but I do think it adds fuel to the Snyder-cut fire, which will unfortunately never become reality. I personally don’t feel that a Snyder cut would make the movie that much better, but I would like to see his vision considering he essentially created the look and feel of the DCCU with Man of Steel and then BvS. It would be neat to at least get a version of the cut to see if it would have made Justice League any better or worse.

Justice League hits digital release on February 13, 2018.


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