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Play the Moon Rift Demo for Free


Play the Moon Rift Demo for Free

With the insane amounts of games attempting to be funded via the ever-popular Kickstarter website, finding the most interesting and promising titles can be a challenge. It seems that these days, everyone wants to jump on the game-making bandwagon, and real talent can be hard to find. Sam Hutcher, creator of the upcoming RPG/Platform Shooter Moon Rift, is the real deal – he is a life-long gamer with serious talent and dedication.

Hutcher has been making games since he was nine years old, and has become a veritable one man developing army. His current project, Moon Rift, is an ambitious effort at making something truly unique and entertaining.

Moon Rift is a 2.5D RPG Platform Shooter that features procedurally generated levels, enemies, and weapons. No level or weapon is alike, giving players the possibility for endless entertainment as they traverse Moon Rift’s handcrafted world in search of shards that have fallen from the moon.

With countless guns, a huge array of abilities and powerups, and an elemental system to take full advantage of, it’s easy to see why Moon Rift will hook in players and keep them coming back. For a game created by one many alone, it is truly an impressive (and great looking) endeavor.

Moon Rift’s Kickstarter page goes into great detail about the nuances of gameplay and just how much there is to do within the game. Currently, Hutcher is seeking to raise $6,000 to fund the completion of Moon Rift. He’s getting closer, and every single donation goes a long way to help a passionate developer make the game of his dreams.

Those looking for an amazingly fun romp with tons of guns and enemies to blast away can check out the Moon Rift demo.


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