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It’s no secret that we are big fans of action movies, martial arts, and stunt fighting here at  We’ve featured great work from our stunt team friends at Action Factory, LBP Stunts Chicago, and Thousand Pound Action Company here in the pages of our site, so we appreciate the work they do to entertain the masses.  In this day and age of CGI laden films and big budget explosions the art of stunt choreography sometimes gets lost.  This is especially evident in the lack of pure martial arts movies, which don’t even seem to get made in the US anymore.

Well, we can help change that trend by pledging some support to a new Kickstarter project that the Thousand Pound team is behind called Clandestine: Follow the Path.  What caught my attention about this project is this quote from the press release:

“the series aims to bring back character and story driven martial arts entertainment that features expert fight choreography”

How can you not get behind this project with that mantra in mind?  If you’re still not sold go ahead and continue reading the full synopsis below:

Clandestine will be a highly dramatic martial arts epic with an engrossing story, what Thousand Pounds believes is lacking in most major martial arts entertainment today.  The premise is contemporary yet with supernatural undertones, rooted in feudalistic clan warfare.  It follows five families that have been around since the start of human conflict, fighting for power in the shadows as they push and pull humanities’ strings.  

While the setting is big and supernatural, the story is personal in its telling.  It follows Adelene, a young heroine who discovers her true identity when all of the clan leaders, including her father, are murdered in a coup.  Forced to accept her role as matriarch, she becomes her clan’s battlefield general, given rank as the enemy is approaching.  Viewers go on this journey with her as she becomes a powerful warrior, and the possible savior of mankind, from the point of discovery.

We’ve featured some of the work from the actors in this movie as well.  A few months ago we posted a short that stars Amy Johnston, who is one of the stars in Clandestine.  We’ve also posted a short of Brendon Huor, who will be playing the other lead action star in this Kickstarter project.  If either of those action sequences tickle your fancy, then you should definitely do anything you can to help get Clandestine made by pledging your support on its campaign page here.  You can also use that link to learn even more about this interesting concept, so head on over and get these talented martial artists the help that they need, or you can check out a video about it below.  You’ve been wishing Amy Johnston was kicking your a*s right this moment…

Thousand Pounds Presents: Clandestine – Kickstarter Campaign

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