Surprisingly Enough Apple Fanboys, Droids Perform Faster on the Web

A mobile optimization company by the name of has just published a study that found Android devices to load web pages up to 50% faster than iPhone.  I just heard the collective groans of Apple nation as I typed that sentence.  Their test involved downloading over 40,000 web pages from various large corporations, and the Android devices loaded the non-mobile sites 52% faster than the iPhone.  This means that full web pages typically load in about 2.1 seconds where the same pages took around 3.2 seconds on the iPhone.  All in all, the Android devices loaded a site faster than the iPhone 84% of the time.


In particular, the Android phones tested were the Samsung Nexus S running Gingerbread, and the Samsung Galaxy S running the Froyo OS.  The iPhone 4.2 and 4.3 were used for the iOS devices.  Before you call BS both technologies were tested on the same WiFi network, and each page was loaded 3x on each device to provide fair testing.  When it came to testing load times for mobile enabled sites both the Android and iPhones clocked in at 2 seconds.


I guess you can chalk up another small victory for the increasingly popular Android platform!  Fandroids beware, you will receive some flak for these findings!  If you want to read the full report from and all of their testing methods follow this link.  I wonder how fast these things will be on 4G?  Maybe I’ll find out if I take the plunge with the HTC Thunderbolt this weekend.  Stay tuned for updates on that deal.  You’ve been feeling that the time for an Android is now…

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Via [Wired]


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