Sweded LOTR Trailer Takes the New Zealand out of Middle-Earth


At this point in time you should just come to expect a new homemade trailer from CineFix to appear on the pages of EB every Tuesday. This week the team tackled Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, and its kick-off trailer that debuted many moons ago. Once again they managed to flex their imaginations to recreate the majestic beauty of Middle-Earth by using household items that most of us cast away.

I especially enjoyed their version of the hero walk through the mountain pass. Its stuffed Bill the pony, and paper mache looking rocks really accentuate what the team does each week to recreate these iconic scenes and movie trailers. You can check out what Middle-Earth would have looked like if Jackson decided to film his trilogy in a residential neighborhood after the break. You’ve been wondering how long these bits take to produce each week…

The Lord of the Rings Trailer – Homemade Shot for Shot

The Lord of the Rings Trailer – Homemade VS. Original – Comparison

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