Swery Teases Vision for ‘The Good Life’ with Debut Trailer

In just a little over a week, Swery will reveal to us all the ways of Rainy Woods, a rural English village that happens to be the happiest town in the world. Well, that is until the body of a young woman is discovered. Sadly enough, more information won’t be released until his panel at PAX West on September 2. For now, though? Check out the newly uploaded debut trailer above.

In The Good Life, you play as Naomi, a photographer from New York and the one who stumbles upon the woman’s body. Rainy Woods, apparently, becomes a town of cats when the sun goes down, and it’s up to Naomi to piece it all together.

What “it all” is, exactly, has yet to be fully disclosed. But it involves murder, cats, and a stellar first impression of its soundtrack.

I’ll sign off on that.


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