Swery Unveils ‘The Good Life’ Details at PAX West as Crowdfunding Begins

Have you ever wanted to virtually repay an ever-looming debt as you run around a rural townscape as a journalist seeking work? Have you ever felt the impulse to get down on all fours and lick yourself before going out on a hunt for mice? Would the discovery of a murder in town distract you from climbing out of debt, or would it fuel the fire of your penchant for uncovering the truth?

If you answered “yes” to any of these (hell, even if you just read them [and if you didn’t, what are you doing reading this? Shame.]), good news. At PAX West yesterday, Swery revealed official details on The Good Life, his first new game after a three-year hiatus from the games industry. Trailers, game art, and a handful of loose details painted The Good Life in a cryptic light since Swery announced his plan to reveal at PAX West, but now we’ve finally got something to chew on—and somewhere to throw our money.

The Good Life now has a live crowdfunding page over at Fig, and some of the rewards are as asinine in price as they are in reward. Copies of the game, hoodies, mugs, in-game dinner with Swery, real-life dinner with Swery, your very own character in The Good Life—name it. Reward tiers start out perfectly reasonable, leaving the latter reward brackets to include some incredibly alluring perks.

Check out the PAX West trailer up above! Swery’s beginning disclaimer should assuage any criticism of its aesthetics; this is, undeniably, a mere glance of Swery’s intended vision for The Good Life‘s slated 2019 release. If you want to dive deeper into the game’s narrative, check out this quick summary of The Good Life‘s story down below:

An RPG-style town filled with fun activities and fascinating people, The Good Life offers a twisting, mysterious story swirled around a murder.  At first glance, Rainy Woods looks like a perfectly normal country town…but within this town lurks a bizarre secret and a deadly mystery. Rainy Woods is a small town in Northern England surrounded by forests. Nestled in abundant nature, stone houses built in the Middle Ages still stand beside one another, with townspeople who look out for each other, love their families, work hard, and enjoy nightly drinks at the local pubs. Each character has a unique personality and lives out a unique life. Events change depending on the time of day, weather, and season. Even though they live in a game world, they worry, suffer, have fun, love, and hate as much as any real person. It is the type of small English town the exudes charm, except Rainy Woods has a big secret…in the dark of night, all the villagers turn into cats.

Players star as Naomi, a photographer straddled with debt who moves from the New York City to Rainy Woods. As an étrangère, players feel both alienated yet strangely comfortable. Players must make friends, solve mysteries, and become emotionally invested! Naomi must make a life for herself in the happiest and most bizarre town in the world. To pay off her debt, she must send out reports on these villagers and the town they live in. Naomi photographs different things and uncovers the town’s secrets, while paying off her debt.

But, The Good Life is also a mystery tale in the vain of Raymond Chandler or Conan Doyle.  Players will make a tragic discovery in the town’s river…the brutally murdered body of a young girl, her heart pierced by an ancient, medieval sword. Naomi originally came to Rainy Woods to uncover the secrets of the happiest town in the world and use her reports to pay off her debt. But when she discovers the body of the wheelchair-ridden Elizabeth, it sets her journalist heart ablaze. And so, while she continues to pay off her debt, she also decides to find out the truth about Elizabeth’s death.

Right? RIGHT?! I know. Damn it, Swery. You’re showing your genius again.

Cheers to those with the resources to support Swery’s newest creative endeavor in any capacity. The Good Life‘s Fig campaign is aiming to collect $1.5 million in forty days, so a couple donations of $20k+ couldn’t hurt if you’ve got it lying around. But with it being only one day in, the campaign already raised, as of this writing, over $130k. A good start, but a long trial.

Here’s to hoping.


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