Swery65 Teases First Game in Three Years at PAX West, Includes Town Full of Cats

Hey. Hey, everyone. PAX West is about to get real interesting.

Hidetaka Suehiro, better known as Swery65, is revealing his first game since becoming a Buddhist priest three years ago. After leaving Osaka-based developer Access Games in 2016, Swery is finally making his return with the newly founded White Owls Inc. He’ll be hosting a panel streamed by Twitch on September 2nd at 4:30 PM, and he directed a little teaser trailer to prepare everyone for what’s in store.

It’s called The Good Life, and it’s apparently about a…well, let me just use the quote from the mailer that appeared on NeoGAF (alongside its Fig campaign):

“You’ll play as Naomi, a photographer from New York who finds herself stuck in this small town in rural England. She’s found a way to pay off the massive debt she’s accumulated, but she soon discovers that the town is hiding a very bizarre secret…

At night, all of the town’s residents turn into cats.”

Welp, between that and the teaser above?


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