SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire – ‘Visions in the Dark’ Teaser

EA has released a teaser trailer for the next content update coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic on April 7, 2016. The “Visions in the Dark” chapter will continue the Knights of the Fallen Empire thread that started a few months ago. It looks like players will be taking on Odessen the immortal Emperor Valkorion.

The new chapter is free for subscribers. Head on up above to check out the teaser trailer.

About “Visions in the Dark”

In Visions in the Dark, releasing April 7, players will venture deep into the savage wilderness of the planet Odessen to face the immortal Emperor Valkorion for the first time since becoming the Outlander. As part of the confrontation, you will uncover dangerous secrets about your destiny that bind you to your dark enemy. For those that can master the challenge, there is a great reward waiting – a powerful new weapon inspired by some of the greatest Force™ users in the galaxy. Meanwhile, your Alliance will risk everything in a life-and-death mission to strike at the very heart of the Eternal Empire – this intense battle offers the chance to shatter Arcann’s forces forever.


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