Tabletop Simulator Shows Amazing Potential for Game Night Fun

Sometimes, simplicity is all you need for some good old fashioned fun. This mantra is relevant to everything, but truly apparent in Berserk Game’s upcoming title, Tabletop Simulator.

The first game from the fledgling indie studio, Tabletop Simulator is a game that is almost exactly like what its name suggests, but with an earnest desire to let players play the way they feel so inclined.

In an era where video games all too often require the player to adhere to strict and limiting rules, Tabletop Simulator eschews tradition and throws the rulebook to the wind. In Tabletop Simulator, you can play your games however you see fit.

Currently available for funding on Kickstarter, Tabletop Simulator seems mild mannered at first glance. However, upon checking out Berserk Games’ attached video and reading through the Kickstarter page, it becomes clear that Tabletop Simulator is being developed with the core tenements of unbridled fun and creativity at the helm.

In the video, we see a simple game of chess quickly escalate into a full fledged war, with both placers racing to knock over as many of their opponents pieces as possible and a multiplayer match of checkers that can best be described as organized – yet wholly enjoyable – chaos.

Moments like the ones seen in the Kickstarter video are possible because of Tabletop Simulator’s brilliant physics system that allows players to pick up virtually anything on the board at a given time. With such a uniqe, albeit simple, gameplay mechanic, Tabletop Simulator instantly opens itself up to virtually limitless gameplay options.


Berserk Games’ earnest desire to allow players to simply have fun shines through in their project. Tabletop Simulator’s free form approach to established games puts a new spin on classic staples of game night in a way that appeals to everyone.

In addition fifteen establish game modes – including Checkers, Chess, Dominoes, Sollitaire and more – Tabletop Simulator also allows players to upload their own custom images for a table, ensuring that almost anything can be made into an enjoyable game.

Tabletop Simulator is currently seeking additional funding on Kickstarter so that the team at Berserk Games can continue to improve on the various features they have implemented. Tabletop Simulator has already blown by its initial goal of $3,000, allowing the developers to focus on additional platforms for the game and even more modes of gameplay.

For more information regarding what seems to be one of gaming’s most enjoyable upcoming titles, head over to the Tabletop Simulator Kickstarter page. With just over two weeks left to raise funds, there is no better time than now to help make this remarkably simple title a reality.

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