Take a Good Look at Crossbones in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Marvel’s next big film is poised to throw a wrench in the traditional good vs evil superhero trope, as Captain America and Iron man are set to square off against each other. Didn’t they just team up to defeat Ultron last year? And Loki’s army before that? If the film holds true to the comic, then all it will take is a thing like politics to divide a house that stood.

So as the two leaders attempt to figure out a plan and recruit others to their cause, there’s still HYDRA to deal with in the form of Crossbones. A new picture was released recently showing off the intimidating threat who looks to take advantage of the world’s distracted heroes. There’s also a new picture of Scarlett Witch, and of course Cap and Iron Man. Click on the images in the gallery below for the full size peek.


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